Color Match Wrap

AFTER ORDERING, LET US KNOW YOUR COLOR ( CALL/TXT 480-524-0167 ) VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE ( ) Color Match Wrap is the world’s first true OEM paint code matching vinyl wrap. Color Match Wrap installs like a standard wrap, even easier, as there is more stability in the film. ORDER A ROLL TODAY OR START WITH A SAMPLE IN YOUR COLOR! We match only for the color as it was NEW. If your vehicle is more than a couple years old, let us know before ordering.
ANY AUTOMOTIVE COLOR IN VINYL! Made to match ANY automotive color, metallic or solid* Metallics are non-directional: many wrap jobs can require less material.
PROTECTIVE! Protects from rock chips and scratches (thicker and stronger than std. vinyl. Non-polar, so that it is not static prone and won’t collect dust like std. vinyl
INCREDIBLE GLOSS & DEPTH! Gloss & Depth that rivals the best automotive finishes. Self-healing, polishable, wax-able
A BETTER CLEAR BRA, A COOLOR COLOR CHANGE VINYL! Installs around panel edges, no borders or lines, fast air release install. 3 Year 36,000 mile Warranty


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