What size are AMMO formulas?

All AMMO bottles are 16oz.

AMMO Creme Reflective Paste is 8oz. (Jar)

What is AMMO Hydrate and how does it work?

AMMO Hydrate is designed to lubricate the paint during the drying process to help minimize swirls and scratches while removing water from the surface of your paint. It also offers a layer of protection to the paint with incredible shine.

What’s the difference between wax and sealant?

Wax (commonly referred to as Brazilian carnauba wax) is an organic based product produced naturally in certain regions of Brazil. The tree produces wax to protect itself from the intense sun found near the equator. This wax is cultivated and mixed with various solvents and other waxes to create what we find in our “wax jars”. (This is a very simplified version of the process and chemistry required to produce a final product, but for the purposes of this FAQ remember “carnuaba wax” is ORGANIC. In the most optimal conditions, organic wax will last 40-60 days on a vehicle).

“Sealant” is also a very broad term that is sometimes used or interchanged with Teflon, Polymer, Resins, etc… All of which are simply marketing term to portray a level of protection that is usually not possible. Having said this, sealants typically offer more protection than waxes because they are produced in a laboratory with those particular characteristics in mind. Unlike waxes, which can be limited by their organic nature, sealants can offer protection of 4-5 months in the optimal conditions.

So what’s the trick? We apply AMMO SKIN (very very specific sealant) as the first layer of protection. Remove it, then let it cure for a minimum of 2 hours. Afterwards, apply a thin coat of AMMO Creme (carnuaba wax) ON TOP OF THE SKIN for amazing shine. With the understanding that the intense shine will not last forever. Think of it like this…AMMO SKIN is the tuxedo and AMMO Creme is the boutonniere or flower in your lapel. The flower is eye-catching, but will not last for more than a few days before it fades. So put a new “flower” on/over your protection before you hit the show 🙂