What is the best technique to touch up rock chips?

Rock chips are simply part of vehicle ownership, especially if you DRIVE IT! Watch the video below for a few tips on how to repair the damage. Remember, touch up’s primary purpose is to PROTECT the existing paint from allowing oxidation to creep under the paint through the hole (ie…the chip) in your paint. The second purpose is to make the paint “look better”. This process takes lots and lots of patience. If you are looking for perfection, then you will need to get the area repainted.

What is AMMO Hydrate and how does it work?

AMMO Hydrate is designed to lubricate the paint during the drying process to help minimize swirls and scratches while removing water from the surface of your paint. It also offers a layer of protection to the paint with incredible shine.

What are Grit Guards?

Grit Guards separate the dirt and grit from your wash mitt during the wash routine. The round guard is placed at the bottom of a 5 gallon wash bucket to trap the dirt on the bottom, preventing it from getting reintroduced on to the car causing scratches. These guards are super cheap and last forever. TIP: I use 2 grit guards stacked on top of each other for my wash, rinse, and wheel buckets.

Watch the video below: (skip ahead to minute 7:30 for Grit Guard Demo)

What is the 2 bucket method of washing?

2 buckets are used during the wash process to help minimize the chance of wash scratches by “flushing out” the dirt picked-up by the previous wipe. So here are the steps:

1) Bucket #1 is filled with AMMO Foam and water (grits guards as well).

2) Bucket #2 is filled with only water.

3) The wash mitt from bucket #1 is used on the paint and collects dirt.

4) The dirty wash mitt (after every panel) is dunked in bucket #2 and shaken to release the trapped dirt.

5) The now clean wash mitt is dunked in bucket #1 again to reapply the soap.


What is the most common cause of hazy/swirled paint?

Answer: YOU. (seriously)

All kidding aside, most scratches/swirls/haziness or what I call “LOVE MARKS” are caused by YOU (as the owner). We all know that mechanical carwashes cause scratches, but wiping, rubbing, and even improper hand washing will cause love marks as well. This entire website is devoted to educating the car owner on how to avoid this very very very common mistake. If you are reading this FAQ I’m guessing you really care about your car like I do. Almost to the extent where people think you are weird for washing your car in the middle of the night 🙂 It’s important to understand this one concept in car care:


Keep this mind anytime you touch your paint with anything (MF towel, your finger, wash mitt, etc…) Do it properly or don’t do it at all, otherwise you will pay the price later by having to polish or compound to remove your love marks.

What’s the difference between wax and sealant?

Wax (commonly referred to as Brazilian carnauba wax) is an organic based product produced naturally in certain regions of Brazil. The tree produces wax to protect itself from the intense sun found near the equator. This wax is cultivated and mixed with various solvents and other waxes to create what we find in our “wax jars”. (This is a very simplified version of the process and chemistry required to produce a final product, but for the purposes of this FAQ remember “carnuaba wax” is ORGANIC. In the most optimal conditions, organic wax will last 40-60 days on a vehicle).

“Sealant” is also a very broad term that is sometimes used or interchanged with Teflon, Polymer, Resins, etc… All of which are simply marketing term to portray a level of protection that is usually not possible. Having said this, sealants typically offer more protection than waxes because they are produced in a laboratory with those particular characteristics in mind. Unlike waxes, which can be limited by their organic nature, sealants can offer protection of 4-5 months in the optimal conditions.

So what’s the trick? We apply AMMO SKIN (very very specific sealant) as the first layer of protection. Remove it, then let it cure for a minimum of 2 hours. Afterwards, apply a thin coat of AMMO Creme (carnuaba wax) ON TOP OF THE SKIN for amazing shine. With the understanding that the intense shine will not last forever. Think of it like this…AMMO SKIN is the tuxedo and AMMO Creme is the boutonniere or flower in your lapel. The flower is eye-catching, but will not last for more than a few days before it fades. So put a new “flower” on/over your protection before you hit the show 🙂