How to use a Clay Bar

Clay is one of the most important tools when “cleaning” your paint. It safely removes contaminants from the surface of the paint or clear coat, but DOES NOT REMOVE SCRATCHES. I get asked at least once a week, “does clay removes scratches?”…the answer is NO. (sometimes people confuse the word scratch, with “transfer”. Transfer is when another object leaves its mark ON TOP OF your paint, while a scratch goes INTO your clear or paint) Clay usually removes transfer because the blemish sits on top of the paint, much like over-spray

In this video, I washed the BMW to remove any old wax, and to begin “eating away” or loosening-up contaminants before using the clay. This is a good example of when you should wash a car with car soap. The soap (aka detergent) will help you break-down and soften the contaminants on the surface of the clear coat, making the claying process easier. Also, I often use soap as the lubricant when claying the entire vehicle because the combination of the detergent and the clay makes the removal process faster. (Especially on a car that is completely covered in contamination. If there is only spot-contamination, use AMMO Spit…no need to soap the entire car.)

Remember, after you wash and clay the car, your paint is now “naked”. You must add AMMO Skin to establish a paint foundation. Then follow the AMMO Regimen, and car care becomes 100 times easier. If you prepare the paint BEFOREHAND, you will always have a “just detailed” appearance, and I assure you…people will notice.