5 Steps to the Perfect Car Photograph: $2.75M Maserati MC12

In this episode, I follow a pro photographer (Mike D'Ambrosio) around on his shoot of the Maserati MC12 for sale. He is known for his "Night Flare" shots that help his clients sell their high-end cars, or simply to create a cover-shot for an office or home wall. Here is the BASIC outline of the steps: 1. Clean the car well to allow for optimal light reflection. (Ie..detail the car) 2. Shot 1 with lights on. 3. Shot 2 with lights off 4. Shot 3 with lights on again. 5. Edit the pictures in photoshop using the "mask" function.

This is all explained in the video, but wanted to give you an idea of the steps before watching the full length episode. Likewise, there is a free downloadable PDF with a step by step guide of how to replicate Mike's shot:


Mike D’Ambrosio has a thing for cars. From the first time he saw a bright red, chrome-rimmed Mitsubishi 3000GT drive down the street at the age of 13, he's had a love for these machines that transport both our body and our soul.
He's worked with multiple high-end clients, including AMMO NYC, BMW of North America, Turner Motorsport, SPEEDHUNTERS, and APEX Racing Parts. Available for photo shoots in the tri-state area and beyond, you'll find him and his BMW M3 at the local Cars and Coffee, track side, or in the garage wrenching.


Insta: www.instagram.com/machineswithsouls/

Questions for Mike, reach out at: mike@machineswithsouls.com