AMMO Paint
Regimen Kit

Price: $125


The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN was specifically created to protect your paint by adding layers, not by constantly removing them like traditional products. The regimen includes:


AMMO Foam is a safe and unique blend of foaming agents that release dirt from every surface of your paint. This solution offers an unusual degree of sensitivity to the existing layers of protection on your car.


AMMO Skin is a defense coat, and is the foundational layer of protection. It is a sticky polymer-based coating that adheres to the clear coat, wrapping the paint in a hard film. It acts like a shell.

AMMO Hydrate

AMMO Hydrate is designed to moisturize this shell. AMMO Hydrate is used after you wash the car to dry and moisturize the paint without scratching it. It strengthens AMMO Skin and leaves behind a layer of protection, fortifying the shell.


AMMO Spit is for emergency shine. AMMO Spit was designed for fanatics like us who needed a safe, quick, on-the-road, solution to dealing with even the smallest smudges.

I’ve learned that adding layers, not removing, is the key to having perfect paint. Plain and simple. The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN is what I use on every single car in my care, including my own. The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN allows me to spend less time cleaning and more time driving beautiful cars.

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